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#50 Country Living — 4 of 4

Madison, Tennessee

I was surprised when, in speaking of the work they wished to do in the South, they spoke of establishing a school in some place a long way from Nashville. From the light given me I knew that this would not be the right thing to do, and I told them so. The work that these brethren [E. A. Sutherland and P. T. Magan] can do, because of the experience gained at Berrien Springs, is to be carried on within easy access of Nashville, for Nashville has not yet been worked as it should be. And it will be a great blessing to the workers in the school to be near enough to Nashville to be able to counsel with the workers there. {LDE 105.2}

In searching for a place for the school the brethren found a farm of four hundred acres for sale about nine miles from Nashville. The size of the farm, its situation, the distance that it is from Nashville, and the moderate sum for which it could be purchased, seemed to point it out as the very place for the school work. We advised that this place be purchased. I knew that all the land would ultimately be needed.—The Review and Herald, August 18, 1904. {LDE 105.3}

Mountain View, California

Instruction has also been given that the Pacific Press should be moved from Oakland. As the years have passed by the city has grown, and it is now necessary to establish the printing plant in some more rural place, where land can be secured for the homes of the employees. Those who are connected with our offices of publication should not be obliged to live in the crowded cities. They should have opportunity to obtain homes where they will be able to live without requiring high wages.—Fundamentals of Christian Education, 492 (1904). {LDE 105.4}

Mountain View is a town which has many advantages. It is surrounded by beautiful orchards. The climate is mild and fruit and vegetables of all kinds can be grown. The town is not large, yet it has electric lights, mail carriers, and many other advantages usually seen only in cities.—Letter 141, 1904. {LDE 106.1}

Some have wondered why our office of publication should be moved from Oakland to Mountain View. God has been calling upon His people to leave the cities. The youth who are connected with our institutions should not be exposed to the temptations and the corruption to be found in the large cities. Mountain View has seemed to be a favorable location for the printing office.—Country Living, 29 (1905). {LDE 106.2}

Loma Linda, California

We thank the Lord that we have a good sanitarium at Paradise Valley, seven miles from San Diego; a sanitarium at Glendale, eight miles from Los Angeles; and a large and beautiful place at Loma Linda, sixty-two miles east from Los Angeles, and close to Redlands, Riverside, and San Bernardino. The Loma Linda property is one of the most beautiful sanitarium sites I have ever seen.—Loma Linda Messages, 141 (1905). {LDE 106.3}

Loma Linda is a place that the Lord has especially designated as a center for the training of medical missionaries.—Letter 188, 1907. {LDE 107.1}

Here there are wonderful advantages for a school. The farm, the orchard, the pasture land, the large buildings, the ample grounds, the beauty—all are a great blessing.—Loma Linda Messages, 310 (1907). {LDE 107.2}

This place, Loma Linda, has wonderful advantages, and if those who are here will faithfully avail themselves of the advantages to become true medical missionaries they will let their light shine forth to those that are around them. We must seek God daily for His wisdom to be imparted to us.—Letter 374, 1907. {LDE 107.3}

Here we have ideal advantages for a school and for a sanitarium. Here are advantages for the students and great advantages for the patients. I have been instructed that here we should have a school, conducted on the principles of the ancient schools of the prophets.... Physicians are to receive their education here.—Medical Ministry, 75, 76 (1907). {LDE 107.4}

Angwin, California

As I have looked over this property I pronounce it to be superior in many respects. The school could not be located in a better spot. It is eight miles from St. Helena, and is free from city temptations.... {LDE 107.5}

In time, more cottages will have to be built for the students, and these the students themselves can erect under the instruction of capable teachers. Timber can be prepared right on the ground for this work, and the students can be taught how to build in a creditable manner. {LDE 108.1}

We need have no fear of drinking impure water for here it is supplied freely to us from the Lord’s treasure house. I do not know how to be grateful enough for these many advantages.... {LDE 108.2}

We realize that the Lord knew what we needed and that it is His providence that brought us here.... God wanted us here and He has placed us here. I was sure of this as I came on these grounds.... I believe that as you walk through these grounds you will come to the same decision—that the Lord designed this place for us.—Manuscript Releases 1:340, 341, 343 (1909). {LDE 108.3}


Arthur | (Paulo Rocha) Saúde

Cláudio | (Ruth) Saúde

Levi | Saúde

Luiz e Alejandro | Saúde

Marcos | Saúde

Pedro | (pastor) Saúde

Laura | (Almir) Saúde

Miguel | (Alex) Saúde

Pr. Ottoni | (pai da Marjorie) Saúde

Thalles | (Juan e Thais) Saúde

Mateus | Saúde

Sandra | (Joezel) Saúde

Isadora | Saúde

Inês | Saúde

Laurete | Saúde

Enock e Túlio | (Silas) Saúde

Nair | (Oliveira) Saúde

Tia Bia | Saúde

Lúcia | (vó Keyse) Saúde

Saul | (família Cruz) Saúde

Elisa | (família Aguiar) Saúde

Jorge | (Ever) Saúde

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